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We have exquisite samples of Persian and Oriental Rugs (or large enough pieces to be called carpets). You can see sophisticated and beautifully woven designs in our more Traditional rugs, but also a modern rugged look in our Tribal rugs - mainly of Persian origin.

We also sell oriental rugs of other origins such as Afghanistan, Turkey and Pakistan; bringing a broader selection to suit all tastes.

We have a large collection of different patterns, designs and materials. Our rugs and carpets are woven from the highest quality wools and finest Persian silks by masters of the craft. We guarantee we cannot be beaten in price for the same quality, not to mention customer service. Be weary of other outlets that will sell you rugs with hidden damage, or simply charge the same price for an inferior product in terms of density of the weave and fineness of wool.

Our customer service is second to none, and we will go to great lengths to find the item of your dreams. If we can't find the perfect item in our UK stock we can take bespoke orders; order your own design, colour or size and we will help you throughout the process of getting what your heart desires.

Please note we have a home trial service where you can try various items in situ with no obligation to buy. Please contact us for details.

We provide aftercare services such as; cleaning, repairing, restoration and also anti-slip underlay made to size.

Please feel free to get in contact or visit our Shrewsbury showroom should you have any queries.

We welcome you to browse our Oriental treasures...

Our Shrewsbury Showroom

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